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SCI Gateway Current Release 10.3


Latest News
SCI Gateway Performance Brief

By clicking on this link (pdf) you will be able to see information on the programme of actions we are taking to improve the performance of SCI Gateway.



SCI Gateway Newsletter - Worklist Changes

This Newsletter describes the changes that will be made to the SCI Gateway worklist to improve its performance. The Newsletter can be accessed here (pdf).



SCI Gateway Protocols on the Web

SCI Gateway protocols used by each NHS Health Board can now be viewed, and the XML code accessed from this link.


Note - The publishing of protocols on the website will be a gradual and ongoing process and we would encourage you to read the notes on the protocol download page.


Product Overview
SCI Gateway is a national system that integrates primary and secondary care systems using familiar yet highly secure Internet technology. SCI Gateway is fully integrated with the GPASS primary care system, enabling GPs to access SCI services on-line and can also be integrated with commercial systems. View the Product Description for a complete overview of the application.


All the latest files required for the installation of SCI Gateway, together with the latest Protocol Verification Tool are available to download from the SCI Gateway Download page.


The latest XML Schemas are available by clicking here.



User Group
User involvement and participation is a fundamental to the design approach used in all SCI products. User groups provide a forum for users to work as part of the development team and take a proactive role in the development of the applications. The Support Site provides an opportunity for the User Group to develop an online community and shared communication tool to support and enhance the user-centric development process.


The SCI Gateway User Group page has now been published for the benefit of the User Group and the page will be developed as additional information is provided.


SCI Gateway User Group Forum
The SCI Gateway User Group Forum is available for use by all members of the User Group. A number of topics have already been posted for you to add your comments. The Forum can be accessed from the SCI Gateway User Group page.

Note: Access to the Forum is restricted to registered members of the User Group and SCI staff.


At SCI we fully appreciate the organisational and technical complexities associated with adopting a new software system. We provide a comprehensive implementation service to guide you through the installation process and ensure that the system is optimised to meet your needs. An overview of our implementation process for each product is described in the Generic Implementation Plans (see below for details). For further information on the implementation process for SCI Gateway please contact the Account Manager for your area.


Generic Implementation Plan
The SCI Gateway Implementation Plan has been designed to give some indication of the scope of work required to implement each of the products. The plan serves as a general guide only, as implementation for each site will vary dependent upon requirements and available resources. Since there is scope for great variation of resources no time frames have been added to the plan; these can be discussed with the relevant SCI Implementation Manager.

SCI Gateway pre-requisites
The SCI Gateway pre-requisites paper has been provided to inform potential users, of SCI Gateway, of the pre-requisites for its use. Given that the key driver for Gateway is ECCI, most of the pre-requisites are generalised towards ECCI and represent potential changes to working practice, local infrastructure and agreement between clinicians. As such they represent significant challenges. The intended audience is ECCI and equivalent Board-based clinical, technical and management staff.


For further information on the implementation process for SCI Gateway please contact the Account Manager for your area, see the list of Account Managers for details.

We produce a comprehensive range of technical and end user documentation to support all our products. Please visit the SCI Gateway Documentation page for full details of all documentation currently available for viewing or download.
  For further information on any aspect of SCI Gateway please contact the SCI Support team on 0141 282 2100 between 8.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. Monday to Friday.